Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tube Anemone Limerick

Kevin Z. chose the tube anemone, or Cerianthid, for this Limerick's subject. The Cerianthid is not a true anemone (different taxonomic order) but a perfectly lovely invertebrate none-the-less. However, this animal, for some reason, did not prove to be a good Limerick muse. By the time I was finished with this poem, I really wished I had not run out of wine two nights ago. Anyway, here it is, Kevin. I hope you like it and appreciate the pain and suffering I experienced writing it.

A house of organic con-du-it
(of cnidae and mucus he glued it).
In his tube he stays firm
Like a large, erect worm.
THE ORAL DISK!! Oops- he withdrew it.

Tomorrow... something gross...but cool!

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