from the specimen drawer

from the specimen drawer

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cuttlefish Limerick

Congratulations to Jason R., who guessed the most recent item from the glass cabinet: octocoral skeleton, frond oyster and jewel box (leafy). Jason asked that I compose a Limerick in honor of the just passed Cephalopod Awareness Days. I am quite partial to cuttlefish, so here is a Limerick dedicated to them.

The cuttlefish flashed a “Good morning!”
Hectocotylus waving fair warning
Her tentacles grabbed at
His proffered sperm packet
Chromatophores blinking “I’m horny!”

And because I love cuttlefish so much, here is an alphabet anecdote:

Clarence the cuttlefish was casually cruising the corals when he came upon a cranky crab. The crab was cantankerous as is customary of crustaceans so Clarence cautiously cuffed the clawed critter. “Crap!” cried Clarence as the crab clacked his claws at the cute cuttlefish. But Clarence was clever and quickly cloaked himself using cryptic coloration confusing the crab and conquering him with a crunch to the carapace.

And, finally, here is a drawing (sorry, not quite done) of an octopus because I love you too! (Okay, I guess I love you too squids but not as much cause you're a little creepy and untrustworthy looking and maybe even a little mean).

Thanks Jason for bringing Cephalopod Days to my attention! I will pass it on and will definitely be celebrating Squidmas this year!

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